About Us

The West Maui Hospital and Medical Center campus is designed to be an integrated healthcare services provider to meet the basic health and safety needs of the 65,000+ people of West Maui. WMHMC is targeting 2017 to open for services, when the population in West Maui is estimated to be more than 80,OOO people.

WMHMC will be built on 14.99 acres of land that was purchased from Kaanapali Land Management Corporation in September 2014. The campus is situated on Kakaalaneo Road just below the Kaanapali Coffee Farms Development. The centrally located campus will maximize timely access to quality access healthcare to all of West Maui.

The primary service area for the campus is within the 96761 and 96767 Lahaina zip codes. This area encompasses the extreme northwest corner of the island of Maui. This area is medically isolated from the one acute care facility on the island and there is no medical facility in West Maui that accepts ambulance patients at any time, day or night.